No two Mantis offerings are alike. We can differ as night differs from day. Some of us are small. Intimate. Others, vast and complex. We are found on different continents. We speak many languages and belong to varied cultures.

We are different things to different people. Our locations range from bustling city boutique hotel to sweeping African game reserve to jaw-dropping Scandinavian ice palace. Yet we are all bound to the same code. To provide an unforgettable experience for each and every Mantis visitor. To set standards that test and challenge us. To offer something unique.

Named for the industrious Praying Mantis – whose big heart and tiny stature inspired the original San tribe of Southern Africa – we celebrate the soul and spirit of the individual devoted to perfection. It’s a rare quality. It defines who we are. It makes us exceptional.


In a world of diminishing rarity and increasing commercialisation & standardisation, there are those who are still searching for the exceptional, the truly rare and inspirational. They are searching for moments, places, adventures and destinations that will touch their lives forever.

Mantis is a brand that understands this search for the exceptional, and is a Pioneer that searches for and uncovers new possibilities and new destinations, so that people can experience those live changing moments that can enrich their lives. Mantis discovers those rare moments & destinations of exceptional beauty that will touch peoples life forever.

We believe our Group’s growth and respectability in the market place has been founded on our acknowledgement and respect of the environment, hence the acronym for Mantis: Man And Nature Together Is Sustainable

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